We all have childhood memories of family holidays where we played board games to pass the time and have fun on rainy days. While the popularity of board games may have fallen in recent years thanks to the evolution of the smartphone and video games in general. Board games can still bring families and friends together for fun, entertainment and sometimes learning.

Most of us will have memories of one or two games in particular – the family game of Monopoly that never ended, the game of scrabble where the cat jumped on the board and scattered the pieces everywhere or the time that Grandma fell asleep playing Cluedo at Christmas. While we have warm fuzzy feelings about some of the more classic board games, there are many more to choose from these days. This is where we come in, we’re here to help you find some of the top board games around today.


Dixit Board Game Review

Dixit is a beautifully illustrated game full of creative story telling and guesswork. The game is based around the 84 brilliantly illustrated cards – each card tells a story, but which story will it tell?

Not only is the game very easy to learn for both children and adults, they can also happily play against each other. With its simple game play, short game time of around 30 minutes, suitable for 3-6 players aged 8+ Dixit is the perfect family game.

Winner of the 2010 Spiel de Jahres award for game design, Dixit offers something a little different to the traditional mainstream board games that we see time and time again.

Because of its uniqueness and creativity, we think that Dixit is without doubt, one of the best modern board games.


Qwirkle Game Review

Fantastic for kids and great for developing strategy skills, Qwirkle is a simple game where players have to match colours and shapes to score points.

In the box you’ll find 108 tiles in 6 different colours showing 6 different shapes. Points are scored by building lines of tiles that match either by shape or colour. Qwirkle is very quick to learn, but to score well, you need to use strategy.

The game is suitable for 2-4 players aged 6+ and is one of those rare games where adults and children can happily play together.

We think that Qwirkle is a great board game for both kids and adults – a very worthy addition to you games cupboard!

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Game Review

The UK version of Cards Against Humanity is for adults with a slightly twisted sense of humor. Cards Against Humanity is an exceptional party game that will have you laughing incontrollably. Perhaps not suited for those that are offended easily, the game is more than a little politically incorrect – for everyone else, its the best fun you will have had in ages.

The games is based around 550 cards. A card Czar picks a black card, reads the phrase to the group. The other players then present a white card as an answer, or to fill a gap in the phrase – the funniest combination gets a point. After each round, a new player becomes the card Czar & the game continues. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Cards Against Humanity will get your party started in style – while it won’t be to everyone’s taste, it is fantastic fun for those of us that are a little twisted.


The Top 10 Board Games

Game RRP (£) Rating
Richard Scarry's Busytown Eye Found It Board Game Review Richard Scarry's Busytown Eye Found It 19.99 4.9
Ten in a Bed Board Game Review Ten in a Bed 8.99 4.9
Rummikub Game Review Rummikub 22.99 4.8
Gibsons Mission Earth Board Game Review Mission Earth 17.99 4.8
Qwirkle Game Review Qwirkle 19.99 4.8
Monopoly Board Game Review Monopoly 16.99 4.8
Cards Against Humanity Game Review Cards Against Humanity 20.00 4.8
Once Upon a Time Board Game Once Upon a Time 19.99 4.8
Word for Word Word for Word 15.99 4.7
Don't Panic Board Game Review Don't Panic 19.99 4.7

Main Points To Consider When Choosing A Board Game

Who Will Be Playing?

Board games vary hugely in terms of subject, style and age suitability. You should think about who will be playing – what age are they? how many players are there? do they all have the same interests or knowledge backgrounds?

If you want to play a board game as a family group, it is very easy to alienate people unintentionally as they can feel left out if they:

  • Don’t understand the subject of the game (often applies to games asking questions about TV, Film or Music)
  • Don’t have the necessary skills required – modelling with clay, drawing, strategy or are unwilling to act/sing etc

Children will become distracted quickly if they don’t feel that they are taking part and older people can become withdrawn if there are too many ‘young’ cultural questions.

It is also worth noting that some of more adult style party games can also potentially offend some people as well.

Playing Space

Most board games can be played sitting around a dining room table. However, this often isn’t an ideal situation – particularly if you want a more relaxed experience or are playing as part of a larger group. In these scenarios, it is better to choose a board game that you can play on the floor, and ideally, have people sitting on sofas, away from the game board. On larger family occasions like Christmas (see our selection of the best Christmas board games), it is also worth thinking about other objects that will be taking up space in the same room (eg, presents & Christmas tree!).

If you plan on playing board games will away from home, you can also often find travel versions of many of the more popular board games. These can usually be played on laps or in a more confined playing area – train table etc.

Type Of Board Game

There are many different types of board games to choose from. Do you want a game that is based around skill, knowledge, luck or strategy. Do you want to play as individuals or as teams…or do you sometimes want to play in a smaller group as individuals, and as teams for larger gatherings?

Will playing this game become a regular activity? If so, you may want to choose a board game that has expansion packs available so you can change or evolve the game experience as you play more.


For the most part, board games in the UK are pretty cheap and inexpensive. If you are particularly fond of a board game, you can sometimes find limited edition, or premium versions of games as well as the standard version.

Limited edition sets often come bundled with expansion packs included or special playing pieces while premium games will typically feature wooden playing boards and higher quality pieces made from wood or metal.

If you consider all these main points when choosing a board game, you will be able to find the best board game for you, your family and your friends.