Many of the best loved board games rely on having several players. There are times though that you would like to play a board game with just two people. We have come up with a selection of board games that are perfect for two players. Whether you play with your partner or a friend, we think that these are the best 2 player board games around.


Carcassonne Board Game Review

Carcassonne is an award winning game that uses both skill and strategy. The game is centered around the colourful illustrated tiles that are laid in turn, creating a new game map every time the game is played.

Each tile depicts a different piece of land which can be one of: road, grassland, cloister or city, also included are a set of river expansion cards. As the game develops and the map grows, players can also add characters, known as meeples, to the map as well. Depending on the type of land they sit on, a meeple will be either a knight, farmer, robber or monk. Points are scored each turn based on the use of map tiles and meeple placement.

Carcassonne is suited for players aged 13+ and for 2-5 players. Games last 30-45 minutes which keeps it fun and engaging. Carcassonne is a great board game for two players – you can also read our review.


Ingenious Board Game Review

Ingenious is another deceptively easy to learn, yet challenging to master strategy style game that is based around coloured tiles.

Place the 120 playing tiles in the provided bag, each player picks 6 tiles to start. Tiles are placed on the board to match symbols and to arrange colours in straight lines. Points are scored by colour. The unique scoring system sees the player with the best, worst score winning…its less confusing than it sounds!

Ingenious is for 2 to 4 players aged 8+ which makes it a great choice for familes.

We think this is a unique strategy style game that will appeal to a wide range of ages. The strategy element of it really adds a great challenge which makes Ingenious a great board game for 2 players.


Othello Classic Review

Othello, was without doubt one of my most favorite and memorable games from my childhood. As the box states, it takes ‘A minute to learn, a lifetime to master’. It has been a popular game in many families for decades, and with good reason.

On the surface, Othello is incredibly simple to play – surround your opponents pieces with your own, and they change to your colour on the board. Fill the board with your colour playing pieces & you win. However, to play well, you need to use tactics, develop strategies & on occasion, deceive your opponent!

Othello is a two player board game that is suitable for players aged 7+.

This is a game that can thoroughly enjoyed by both children and adults. Othello is thought provoking and will keep your brain active! We think that its one of the best board games for 2 players.

The Best Two Player Board Games

Game RRP (£) Rating
Carcassonne Board Game Review Carcassonne 24.99 4.9
Pandemic Game Pandemic 29.99 4.9
Othello Classic Review Othello Classic 22.99 4.8
Rummikub Game Review Rummikub 22.99 4.8
Monopoly Board Game Review Monopoly 16.99 4.8
Ingenious Board Game Review Ingenious 25.00 4.8
Monogamy Monogamy 24.99 4.7
Small World Small World 39.99 4.7
BrainBox - The World Game Review BrainBox - The World 12.68 4.6
The Logo Board Game Review The Logo Board Game 32.99 4.6