Kids aren’t the only people able to enjoy board games – there are also a lot of games available, just for adults. These are often best played with an alcoholic beverage of your choosing to help loosen the atmosphere. A minor work of warning though – some of them can and do contain material that some people might find inappropriate or even offensive…but those with looser morals will no doubt find them hilarious!

Get the party started – play some tunes, pour the drinks, kick back & have some fun!

What Are The Best Adult Board Games?

Games that are designed to be played by adults, often contain themes that some may find offensive, and are in some cases, most definitely not suitable for younger players!
If you’re looking for fun & are open minded, have a look at our top board games for adults.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Card Game - a great adult board game!

Perhaps the ultimate adult party game for groups of fun loving friends that aren’t offended easily!

Card Against Humanity is full of inappropriate humour and fast wits. The gameplay is incredibly simple to learn – based around a set of black question cards and a set of white answer cards. Every player has a set of white cards (with answer) to choose from. The aim is to provide the funniest/most inappropriate answer that you possibly can in response to the question asked by the black card in play. Whoever creates the funniest answer wins an ‘Awesome point’ – the game is won when a player reaches the winning total (decided before you play the game).

Cards Against Humanity is only for players aged 17+ that don’t offend easily! Cards Against Humanity is without doubt one of the best adult board games around!

You can also find out more in our Cards Against Humanity review.

Wits & Wagers Party Edition

Wits and Wagers PartyWhile this game is rated for ages 8+, it really comes into its own when played by a group of adults, possibly with an accompanying tipple or three.

Combining the slightly unusual mix of answering questions & betting on the answers – Wits & Wagers is a great board game for adult gatherings. The game flow goes something like this:
1) a player reads out a question
2) everyone writes down a guess or answer
3) all the answers are placed on the table so all players can see them
4) players place bets on the answer that they think is correct (not necessarily their own)
5) players that bet on the correct or closest answer win chips…the player with the most chips at the end of the game wins
Wits & Wagers Party edition can be played in groups of 4-18 players making it perfect for larger gatherings. Some kind of central playing surface is required – a coffee table or floor are perfect.


Monogamy - The best adult board gameThis really is an adult game – specifically for couples that know each other well…or couples that would like to know each other very well. Monogamy is the best selling board game for couples.

Gameplay revolves around the art of seduction, laughter and lust with three levels of game play: intimate, passionate & steamy.The game will encourage you to explore fantasies, new experiences and take each other on a sexual adventure.

Monogamy is perfect for entertaining nights in with your partner – turn down the lights, pour some drinks & line up the accessories (things like food, blindfolds, lube etc). This game will certainly help put the spark back in your relationship and help you forget about the weekly shop! It is, without doubt, one of the best adult board games.

The Best Board Games For Adults

Game RRP (£) Rating
Pandemic Game Pandemic 29.99 4.9
Cards Against Humanity Game Review Cards Against Humanity 20.00 4.8
Monogamy Monogamy 24.99 4.7
Wits and Wagers Party Wits and Wagers Party 44.99 4.5
Cranium Game Review Cranium 26.99 4.5
Hedbanz for Adults Hedbanz for Adults 17.99 4.5
Runewars Game Runewars Revised Edition 49.99 4.4
Betrayal At House On The Hill Betrayal At House On The Hill 89.99 4.4
Claustrophobia Game Claustrophobia 39.99 4.3
Battle of the Sexes Battle of the Sexes 19.99 3.5