Christmas is a time for families to get together and enjoy each others company. Because of the wide range of age groups from toddlers to Grandparents, it can be a little tricky to involve everyone in the same activity or game at the same time.

We have come up with a selection of board games that we think are perfect for families to play together at Christmas. While we can’t promise that there won’t be any family feuds or repercussions due to excessive sprout consumption, we do think that these are the best Christmas board games.


Cranium Game Review

Cranium has won many awards and with good reason. Quite possibly, the most perfect Christmas board game going, Cranium needs at least 4 players – the more the merrier. on the surface, it is quite a simple & regular type of game which sees teams rolling a dice to move playing pieces around a board. Where you land on the board then defines the type of activity category that your team has to perform.

There are four possible activity categories that you have to perform: Creative Cat, Data Head, Star Performer and Word Worm.
Creative Cat sees you having to sketch, sculpt and draw with your eyes closed to get the other players on your team to guess what you are drawing/making.
Data Head is a trivia based set of questions for you to answer, sleuth or solve.
Star Performer is for the budding performers out there, you will have to hum, whistle or mime clues so you team can guess the song, person or film etc
Word Worm will have your brain in a twist where you have to spell words, spell words backwards, select the correct word definition from a list or re-arrange a set of letters to form the correct word.

While the game is labelled as being for people aged 16+, it can be played by younger members of the family if there are older people on their team to help out. It is without a doubt, one of the best family board games around and is one of the best board games for Christmas.
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Smart Ass

Smart Ass Board Game Review

Join the quest to be the ultimate smart ass – no taking turns, just shout out the answer when you think you know it. The game is round based with sets of 10 clues being read out loud where the players have to guess who, what or where is being described. There is also a ‘Hard Ass’ category which asks direct trivia based questions.

The game is a fairly standard dice roll and move round the board affair, but the competitive shout out and answer side of the gameplay makes it ideal for a mixed generation family gathering.

With over 500 questions, game playing times of around 30 minutes and suitable for players aged 12+, it is a perfect choice for playing with the family at Christmas time.
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Best of TV and Movies

Best of TV and Movies Board Game Review

Part of the Logo family of games, Best of TV and Movies will have you answering questions and identifying pictures from both the small and big screen. With 400 cards and 1600 questions – this is a game that can be played at many a family gathering. The questions cover every genre of TV and Film and will appeal to players of all age ranges. While the box states that the game can be played with 2+ players, we would suggest that the game only comes to life with 4 or more players making it a great choice for Christmas family entertainment.

This is without doubt a game that is best played in teams of mixed ages – where everyone can contribute based on the types of films or TV shows that they watch.

Best of TV and Movies is one of the best board games for Christmas and makes a perfect choice for any family that loves Film and TV.

The Best Board Games For Christmas

Game RRP (£) Rating
Best of TV and Movies Board Game Review Best of TV and Movies 29.99 4.6
Best of British Board Game Review Best of British 24.99 4.5
Smart Ass Board Game Review Smart Ass 17.99 4.5
Cranium Game Review Cranium 26.99 4.5
Articulate your Life Articulate your Life 32.99 4.4
Family Fortunes Board Game Review Family Fortunes 15.00 4.4
Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Review Trivial Pursuit Family Edition 24.99 4.3
The Chase Board Game Review The Chase Board Game 22.99 4.2
Lego Creationary Board Game Lego Creationary 59.99 4.2
Would I Lie To You Board Game Review Would I Lie To You 34.99 4.1

Points Worth Considering When Choosing A Board Game For Christmas

Number Of Players

At Christmas, we tend to have a lot more people in the house. How many extra family members will you have crammed into your house on the big day? If you are expecting that their will be more than about 6 people, we would suggest considering games that involve teams rather than individuals. Team based games at Christmas can be great fun & can really help get the party started.

Age Range – The Generation Gap

One of the biggest problems playing board games with family members is that you could have players aged anywhere from 5 to 85. This can make it a bit harder to find a game that everyone can be involved with. Again, team based games can really help here, especially those that involve drawing/modelling/singing etc as these games often have subjects that are understandable by completely different generations.

Playing Area

Its Christmas day, you have a house full of people – where are you going to play? probably in the sitting room, lounging about in armchairs, sofas and sitting on the floor. You might also want to consider the amount of extra presents/plates/glasses/Christmas Tree etc that could well be scattered around the floor area as well!

Most team based games will allow them to be played with a single team member near the game board & the rest of the team can be positioned a little further away. This should mean that you can still play a game no matter how much clear space you actually have on the day!