Family holidays and bank holiday weekends are some of the most memorable times in our lives. Spending quality time together brings the family closer together and creates lasting memories. Playing a family board game together can play a big part in those special moments.

The top family board games can be played by people of all ages, including younger children and Grandparents alike. There are many classic family board games like Monopoly, Cluedo or Trivial Pursuits – but there are many more to choose from. Some of the more modern offerings include games that are more creative using clay or drawing skills, others can be based on one of the many TV game shows.

No matter what type of game you think would suit your family, there will be something for everyone in our guide to the best family board games.


Monopoly Board Game Review

This classic board game has entertained families for generations. Roll the dice and make your way around the board for opportunities to buy locations and property. Once you have expanded your property portfolio, invest in houses and hotels and charge other players rent for landing on your property. Monopoly manages a good balance between fun, competitiveness and education.

In the box you’ll find Monopoly money, playing pieces, board & dice. There is also the more recent addition of the speed dice to make game play faster and more intense.

Perfect for family gatherings, holidays or bank holiday weekends. Monopoly is suitable for ages 8+ and for 2-6 players and is fun for the whole family young or old.


Dixit Board Game ReviewDixit is a beautifully illustrated award winning game full of creative guesswork where you use your imagination to deduce a story. Listen to the storyteller and try to guess their card from the story told.

The game is very simple to play with the illustrated cards and rules easily understood by both children and adults. Dixit is also one of the few games where adults and children can happily play together on the same level.

Because Dixit is so easy to pick up, for groups of 3-6 players aged 8+ and with games around 30 minutes in length, Dixit is an ideal family board game.


Lego Creationary

Lego Creationary Board Game

Fans of the original Creationary and Lego will love this game. The game is simplicity itself – roll a dice and pick a card from one of four categories: vehicles, buildings, nature or things. You then have to build what is on the card and the other players have to guess what you’re building with the included Lego.

With three levels of difficulty, this is a game that can be played time and time again with no repetition. The game is very easy to pick up and learn for 3-8 players aged 5+ with games lasting roughly 30-60 minutes.

We think this is a great update to the original & now classic Creationary. This makes a great addition to any holiday or family gathering. Lego Creationary is without doubt one of the best board games for families out there.


The Top 10 Best Board Games For Families

Game RRP (£) Rating
Rummikub Game Review Rummikub 22.99 4.8
Gibsons Mission Earth Board Game Review Mission Earth 17.99 4.8
Monopoly Board Game Review Monopoly 16.99 4.8
Once Upon a Time Board Game Once Upon a Time 19.99 4.8
Ingenious Board Game Review Ingenious 25.00 4.8
Word for Word Word for Word 15.99 4.7
Small World Small World 39.99 4.7
Dixit Board Game Review Dixit 29.99 4.7
BrainBox - The World Game Review BrainBox - The World 12.68 4.6
The Logo Board Game Review The Logo Board Game 32.99 4.6

Things To Consider When Choosing A Family Board Game

What Ages Will Be Playing?

Perhaps the most important point to consider is the age range of the family members that you expect will play the game. Can everyone join in & take part on the same level? If younger players can’t join in fully, can they take part and help or compete at a simplified level? If you plan on playing with Grandparents – will they understand what the game is about?

What Type Of Game?

Board games that are best played as a family often see teams playing against each other rather than individuals. Team based games are often trivia based and can alienate people within a group if they don’t have exposure to a particular subject. Other suitable games include the creative ones where you have to draw, model or perform to the rest of your team. Strategy games on the whole aren’t ideal as the older generations will have a distinct advantage. The key is to find a board game that will involve everyone and most importantly that will be fun to play with your family.

Playing Area

While many board games for families can be played in smaller groups around a table. If you plan on playing in a larger family group (say 6+ players), you will most likely be playing in the sitting room with the board game on the floor. Games that have lots of parts or components can be tricky to play in a large group with all the players not being able to reach the board easily. This is something that is also worth keeping in mind as it can make or break your precious family time.