Best of TV and Movies Board Game Review

Best of TV and Movies Board Game Review

Think you know your stuff when it comes to the silver screen and the small screen? Know your soaps from your sitcoms and films? Test your knowledge and pit your wits against family and friends – Read more in the Best of TV and Movies board game review.

With a great variety of media featured – from Strictly Come Dancing to Saving Private Ryan and everything in between – you and your family will spend hours on the Best of TV & Movies game. A large time frame is also represented, so adults, teenagers and kids have an equal chance of winning!

Test Your TV and Film Knowledge

Best of TV and Movies Game ContentsThe game layout for the Best of TV & Movies game is simple – you answer questions and move along the board to win. Questions come from one of three categories – Picture, Theme, and Pot Luck – and there are also “Bonus” cards that can help a team out. The “Bonus” cards include the “Mute Button”, which stops a certain player answering a question, and the “Change Channel” card which can be used to switch topics.

This game is for 2-6 single players, or up to approximately 20 if you play in teams. Generally this type of game is better with a large number of people, though it can get quite raucous! It is suitable for most age groups from 12 upwards, and is very simple to pick up. Sessions can be fast-paced and will generally last a couple of hours, so multiple games can be played in one day or evening.

In the box, you get:

  • Playing board
  • 6 playing pieces
  • 400 question cards
  • 3 Bonus cards
  • Instructions

Space needed is simply enough to set the board up. A dinner table or large coffee table would be fine…or the sitting room floor if its a larger family gathering.

Best of TV and Movies Board Game Review Conclusion

The Best of TV & Movies game is a fast-paced fun game for all ages and types of group. It would be perfect for a family night in, as part of a Christmas Day game marathon, or with friends and a few drinks. This game is a great all-rounder suitable for most occasions and for players of all ages.

Game RRP (£) Rating
Best of TV and Movies Board Game Review Best of TV and Movies 29.99 4.6