There are few times, if any, when playing a board game can be as much fun as with a group of friends at a party. Board games can act as a great ice breaker and really help get the party started. Let us guide you through our selection of some of the best party board games – some new, some classics, all are great fun with a group of friends.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Card Game

If you have a group of like minded friends that don’t get offended easily – this could well be the game for your party.

Card Against Humanity is a game of quick wits and bucket loads of inappropriate humour. Gameplay is very simple to get to grips with and consists of a set of black question cards and white answer cards. Each player has a hand of white answer cards to choose from and has to supply the funniest answer possible to the question that has been asked from the current black card. The player with the funniest answer is awarded an ‘Awesome point’ – the game ends when a player reaches the pre-decided winning awesome points total.

Cards Against Humanity is suitable for players aged 17+ that aren’t easily offended! We think that Cards Against Humanity is a great way to start your party and makes a great ice breaker.

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Hedbanz For Adults

Hedbanz for Adults

Although the name Hedbanz for Adults gives the impression that it might just be for more mature players, it is actually rated for players aged 14+ which makes it a great choice for teenagers as well.

Hedbanz for Adults takes the game of ‘what am I?’ to the next level. In the box you’ll find 194 clue cards, 6 question cards, 6 Hedbanz, 24 scoring chips and a timer. Each player wears one of the included Hedbanz which holds a card which shows the name of a person, place, object or thing. You then have to ask questions to the other players and use your powers of deduction to guess who/what/where you are.

Hedbanz for Adults is suitable for 2-6 players aged 14+ and can easily be played around a table, or lounging in the sitting room. It makes a great start to any smaller gathering and is one of the best board games for parties.


Cranium Game Contents

Many of you may already be aware of Cranium as it has been around for a few years now. Simply put, Cranium is a more diverse version of charades where you get to act, sing, draw, model with clay and answer questions.

Cranium particularly comes into its own when played in larger groups with teams of 2-4 players. Each player on a team will have their own strengths and be prepared to do perform different types of tasks. This makes it an exceptionally great icebreaker for people that perhaps haven’t met before or don’t know each other that well.

Cranium is suitable for more than 4 players aged 16+ (younger players can get involved, but will need assistance). For us, Cranium is without doubt one of our favorite party board games.

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The Best Party Board Games

Have a look at our list below for more great ideas to get your party started – these are some of the very best board games for parties.

Game RRP (£) Rating
Pandemic Game Pandemic 29.99 4.9
Cards Against Humanity Game Review Cards Against Humanity 20.00 4.8
Wits and Wagers Party Wits and Wagers Party 44.99 4.5
Smart Ass Board Game Review Smart Ass 17.99 4.5
Cranium Game Review Cranium 26.99 4.5
Hedbanz for Adults Hedbanz for Adults 17.99 4.5
Twister Game Review Twister 14.99 4.4
Would I Lie To You Board Game Review Would I Lie To You 34.99 4.1
QI The Board Game Review QI The Board Game 19.95 3.6
Battle of the Sexes Battle of the Sexes 19.99 3.5