Word games have been a firm family favorite for generations. Great for young and old mind alike – they help keep your brain active & help you to learn new words along the way. Played in family groups, they will often encourage competitiveness between kids and adults. While there are some newer word games out there, the classics are still very playable & are just as enjoyable as they ever were. Stimulate your brain and play one of the best word games with your family.

Boggle – Reinvented

Boggle game review Boggle has been a firm family favorite for a few decades now. This reinvented version keeps all the lettered dice enclosed so they don’t escape all over the living room floor! Set against a timer, the aim is to find as many words as you can within the random letters that have been selected. Boggle is a fast paced game that gets your brain working and encourages you to learn new words.

Ideal for 2 or more players, it can also be played with different generations in the same game. Simply allow younger players to find words that contain less letters, say 2 or 3. Then challenge the adults to find words that contain more than 4 or even 5 letters. This simple modification will make the game challenging and competitive no matter who is playing!

Boggle is a great game for improving spelling, learning words and exercising your brain. We think that Boggle is one of the all time great word games – every family should play it!

Word For Word

Word for Word On the surface, Word for Word is a simple game to play. Simply add letter tiles or re-arrange those that have been played previously to create new words or anagrams.

Game rounds are short and fast paced being set against a timer. The game overall can essentially be as long or short as you want it to be – this offers great flexibility and can make it an even bigger challenge! The added dimension that allows you to create anagrams rather than just creating new words, does make you think differently – and perhaps more tactically as well.

This is a game that combines both wordplay and an element of strategy. Word for word is great game for anyone that is passionate about words & thinks that they have an agile mind! This makes a great alternative to many of the classic word games out there and is well worth buying.

Scrabble – Prestige Edition

Scrabble Prestige Edition Scrabble has remained a regular occupant of the games cupboard in many family homes. This prestige version comes in a solid mahogany box with wooden playing pieces, a rotating board and a raised playing grid to prevent the letters from moving around the board.

Scrabble is perhaps the ultimate word game, testing your vocabulary to its limits. For younger players, it also has the added benefit of being a good platform for practicing maths skills as well when it comes to scoring.

Easy to play, quick to set up and get started, Scrabble is without a doubt one of the top word board games of all time – this should be in your games cupboard!

The Best Word Board Games

Game RRP (£) Rating
Word for Word Word for Word 15.99 4.7
Boggle game review Boggle 22.99 4.6
Words with Friends Words with Friends Luxe 39.99 4.4
Articulate your Life Articulate your Life 32.99 4.4
Scrabble Prestige Edition Scrabble Prestige Edition 59.95 3.7