Dixit Review

Dixit Review

Dixit is a board game for all ages that requires imagination, elocution, and a little bit of flair! Describe the artwork on the illustrated cards, and see if your fellow players agree with your description. Find out more in our Dixit review.

This unusual, but easy to play game won the Spiel de Jahres award in 2010. It is not a board game in the traditional sense – the board is used only to keep score, and the game itself is played with hands of cards and the imagination of the player.

dixit_game_contentsWhat is Dixit like to play?

The rules of Dixit are incredibly simple, and therefore it is suitable for all ages from kids to adults. Each players receives a hand of illustrated cards. The player who’s turn it is lays a card face down, and tells a short descriptive story to match the picture on the card. Other players lay one of their cards on top that could also match the description, and after the cards are shuffled everyone has to try and pick the original from the little story. Correctly identifying the right card gains you points, which are tracked with a rabbit-shaped counter.

Best suited to groups of 3 or more players, Dixit has been described as addictive and poetic. Making descriptions too obvious can lead to easy guesses, making them too vague can lead to frustration! Eloquent storytelling is the name of the game in this case. Dixit does not require a large amount of room to play, and a game can last a few hours.

What’s in the box?

  • 84 illustrated cards
  • 36 voting tokens (6 colours)
  • 6 wooden rabbit tokens

The board used for keeping score is part of the box.

Dixit Review Conclusion

Dixit is a game of creative storytelling and guesswork that is easy to pick up, but hard to stop playing! Best suited to a small group, this game can be enjoyed by anyone with a bit of imagination – it would be great to play with children to help them learn different ways to describe things.

If you enjoy reading, art, or other forms of storytelling, then buy Dixit and escape into a game for a few hours.

Game RRP (£) Rating
Dixit Board Game Review Dixit 29.99 4.7