A Game of Thrones Board Game Review

A Game of Thrones Board Game Review

Take charge of one of the Great Houses of Westeros in this exciting board game based on the bestselling “Song of Ice and Fire” books. Could YOU be the one sitting on the Iron Throne? Find out more in our full A Game of Thrones board game review.

The King is dead, and now battle must commence – players act as the Heads of Houses such the Starks, the Lannisters, or the Greyjoys, and must fight it out to rule the land. This is a game of diplomacy and strategy where battles can decimate an army, alliances can be formed and friends can be betrayed.

Conquer The World Of Westeros

Playing A Game of Thrones board gameWhile it isn’t necessary to know the Song of Ice and Fire books in-depth to play the A Game of Thrones board game 2nd edition, a general knowledge of the world of Westeros and the Houses would probably help increase your enjoyment of the game. The board takes up a decent amount of space and there are a lot of gaming tokens, so a reasonable amount of floor space or a dining table would be best to play this on.

This second edition release of A Game of Thrones gives you a lot more for your money. Inside the box you find:

  • Large and detailed board
  • Beautifully illustrated cards
  • Player screens
  • Figurines
  • Tokens and board overlays

This version also includes the Tides of War and Wildling cards as standard, which were previously extra expansion sets for the first edition.

This game is suitable for between three and six players, aged 14 and up – it is likely that younger people would get bored with the depth of the game quite quickly, and also the books do have content unsuitable for youngsters. Games can take several hours due to the nature of play, so it’s one to get out for a full rainy day or games evening rather than to just pass an hour or so!

A Game of Thrones Board Game Review Conclusion

A Game of Thrones is a must-play for any fan of the books, and those who like the TV series will probably enjoy it too. Perfect for a group of friends who love to get their teeth into their games and become immersed in the experience. A Game of Thrones can rapidly turn from a “quick game” to an all day session – so make sure you are fully prepared to battle for Westeros!

Game RRP (£) Rating
A Game Of Thrones Board Game Review A Game of Thrones 59.99 4.8