Hedbanz for Adults Review

Hedbanz for Adults Review

Hedbanz for Adults is a fast, furious and funny game of quick-fire questioning based on the well-known “Who Am I?” game. Put on your headband, choose your card and get going – it’s that simple! Read more in our full Hedbanz for Adults review below!

With a few interesting twists on the basic premise, this game can provide several hours of fun. The cards provided are themed to be appropriate to older teens and adults, meaning that the game can be more engaging and play more smoothly as less cards will have to be changed.

Who, What, Where?

Hedbanz Game for Adults box contentsHedbanz game for Adults is for 2-6 players, and can be played straight out of the box. Put on your headband, select your card and attach it to the holder on your headband, and you’re ready to go!

The cards included with the game have a mix of people, objects and places printed on them Рexamples include Napoleon, Meatball, Las Vegas and Pajamas. Once everyone has a card in their headband, players will take turns to quickly ask questions to determine what is on their own card. The person who correctly guesses their own card first wins the round!

Game rounds are entirely dependent upon getting the right questions asked quickly, however several round of Hedbanz for Adults can be played in one sitting! The maximum amount of players that can wear a card is 6, however there’s the possibility of teaming up if more players are present.

The box includes 6 question cards, 194 clue cards, 6 adjustable headbands, 24 scoring chips and a timer. As this is a card-based game and does not have a large board, it could be played on a dining table, coffee table or even on the floor.

Adults may find increased enjoyment playing if a little alcohol is mixed into the equation – while not a requirement to play, it will quickly help break down barriers and add to the fun!

Hedbanz for Adults Review Conclusion

With fast, easy gameplay and lots of replayability value due to the large amount of cards, Hedbanz for Adults would provide great entertainment for adults and older kids at a party or other social gathering. It requires very little setting up and putting away, and is a great addition to any games cupboard!

Game RRP (£) Rating
Hedbanz for Adults Hedbanz for Adults 17.99 4.5