Lego Creationary Game Review

Lego Creationary Game Review

The popular and fun game of Creationary takes on a fresh new twist with a Lego theme! Test your creative skills and guessing ability to the limit as you use Lego blocks to build various items from the card decks provided. Find out more in our full Lego Creationary game review.

Lego, the fantastic little building blocks are popular with all ages and have spanned decades – and with this game, you even build the dice! Simple to learn but hard to master, this game is great family fun. The variety of cards and bricks ensures that no two games are the same.

Get Creative With Lego

Lego Creationary Review - Box ContentsLego Creationary is a simple game to play. Roll the dice to select a build category from the four available – vehicles, buildings, nature or things – and draw a card from the appropriate pile. Once you have looked at your card, then you must use every ounce of creativity you have to build the item on the card from the bricks available. The person who correctly guesses what you have built first gets the next turn!

The game is marketed at 5-12 year olds, but would be suitable for adults too as we all know – nobody really grows out of Lego! We think that this game would be a great investment for families or students and is the perfect choice for holiday entertainment. The card decks have basic and advanced levels to make sure that all players have a chance to win and have fun.

In the box, you get the build-able dice, four sets of build cards (96 in all), a large assortment of Lego bricks, one lego mini figure and one lego micro figure. The game requires a little bit of space to play on, but not too much – a dining or coffee table would be perfect. A game takes roughly between 30 minutes and an hour to play, and an optimum group size is 3 to 8 people.

Lego Creationary Game Review Conclusion

An exciting and fresh take on a game which is sure to appeal to anyone that enjoys games such as Pictionary, and – of course – to any Lego fan! Whether it’s a quick game to fill an hour with the kids, or you make an afternoon of it with friends and family, you will have a great time with Lego Creationary.

Game RRP (£) Rating
Lego Creationary Board Game Lego Creationary 59.99 4.2