Pandemic Board Game Review

Pandemic Board Game Review

Take your place in a disease-fighting team that travels the world fighting infections and developing cures! Work together with your friends to stop humanity being wiped out in Pandemic – find out more in our full Pandemic game review.

Pandemic – the game of saving the world…differently

Pandemic has taken the board game and given it a twist – instead of being competitive and pitting players against each other, they have to co-operate and act as one team to achieve their objective. Fast, strategic, and in-depth, it will have you and your friends on the edge of your seats!

I want to save the world!

Pandemic board gamePandemic is played with cards and various tokens on a board depicting a stylised map of the world.

Each player takes on a role within the team, with each role having different strengths and weaknesses. Roles include, for example, Scientist and Medic, and the 2013 edition has two new roles of Contingency Planner and Quarantine Specialist! Turns are taken by each player where cards are drawn and played to determine occurrences, and “disease cubes” are placed on the board to show the infections spreading.

The only way to win the game is to cure the four diseases, but there are many ways to lose – epidemics can spread the infections beyone your control quickly or you can simply run out of time and the diseases take over. Plan your strategies carefully to maximise your strengths and avoid the crisis that named the game…a Pandemic!

So, what’s in the box?

  • Fantastic board depicting a map of the world
  • Seven Role Cards and associated markers
  • Six Research Station tokens
  • 96 “disease cubes” in four different colours
  • 48 infection cards
  • 59 player cards
  • Reference cards
  • Rulebook

The game itself can be played by 2-4 people (more if you team up), and while not taking up too much room once there are several markers and cubes on the board the setup can be a little delicate. We would therefore advise playing Pandemic on a solid flat surface like a dining table!
Games can last anything from a hour to an evening, and while the rules are not too difficult the strategy requires concentration. Bearing this in mind, we would recommend Pandemic for older children (maybe 11 and up) and adults.

Pandemic Board Game Review Conclusion

We think Pandemic would be a cracking change for a group of gamers who are used to working against each other, as with this game if one person loses, you all lose! It’s a funky twist to a traditional board game, and well worth a play if you like strategy and socialisation.

Game RRP (£) Rating
Pandemic Game Pandemic 29.99 4.9