Qwirkle Game Review

Qwirkle Game Review

Qwirkle is a deceptively simple tile matching board game that requires quick thinking and planning ahead. Mix and match colours and shapes to build lines with common attributes Рmore lines means more points! Read more in our Qwirkle game review.

A tactile game of timing and strategy, Qwirkle is suitable for all ages from child to adult, and can help with teaching young children about colours or shapes in a fun way. Combining elements from games such as Set and Scrabble, this is an easy but addictive game to play.

Qwirkle – Inside The Box & How To Play

Playing QwirkleIn the Qwirkle game box there are 108 wooden tiles of various shapes and colours (a mix of six shapes and six colours). To play the game, each player must try to make lines of symbols sharing a common attribute – either shape or colour – while blocking other players from doing the same. At the start of the game this is quite easy, but as the game progresses and more tiles are laid out to make the playing area bigger, strategy and thinking ahead become very important!

You will need a reasonably sized flat area to play Qwirkle – something like a coffee table or dinner table would be ideal. This game is most certainly suitable for people of all generations (you may have to tailor playing style for very young children, however), and would be great for a “family evening”. Number of players is recommended as 2 to 4, but players could form “teams” with each other to allow more people to play.

Depending on number of players/teams and reaction speed, games can last an hour or so, and because of the wide variety of tiles, no two games are the same. Various play styles lead to different tactics – for example, making only rows and columns is a simpler way to play, but in the full game bonus points can be earned by making multiple lines and having one of your tiles touching specific different types of tile.

Qwirkle Game Review Conclusion

We would definitely recommend Qwirkle as a game to have in a family cupboard due to the adaptability for all ages. It is easy enough for children to pick up, intriguing enough for teens and tactical enough for adults! in our books, it is a family classic that will appeal to all generations.

Game RRP (£) Rating
Qwirkle Game Review Qwirkle 19.99 4.8