Settlers Of Catan Review

Settlers Of Catan Review

Settlers of Catan is an exciting board game for those who love strategy, trading and negotiation. Colonise your area of Catan with a smallholding, and do your best to expand it. Read more in our Settlers of Catan review!

This involving, intriguing board game focuses on working with other players to maximise your own benefit rather than trying to beat them with an army – if you cannot trade fairly and well then you will not be able to expand your lands! This twist of play leads to more strategy and thought than similar games such as Risk.

How to Play Settlers Of Catan Board Game

When starting a game of Settlers of Catan, the first thing you must do is build the board with the hexagonal pieces. This is an excellent feature that ensures the game is different every time you play.

Once the board is built, territories are assigned and these begin to generate resources for the players. Due to the random nature of the map, players will find themselves lacking in some resources but abundant in others, and this is where trading comes in. If you have lots of fields but few forests, you will end up trading wheat for wood so you can build. Similarly, if you have sheep but no mines, you can trade wool for ore so you can produce metal goods. This trading element is the backbone of the game.

Later on, random elements such as the Robber come into play, and competition for territory becomes more intense as more of the map becomes colonised!

Settlers of Catan board game contentsThe box contains several pieces, detailed below:

  • 9 Hexagonal Region Tiles
  • 6 Sea Frame Pieces
  • 9 Extra harbour Pieces
  • 20 Settlement Pieces
  • 16 City Pieces
  • 16 Road Pieces
  • 95 Resource Cards
  • 25 Development Cards
  • 4 Building Cards
  • 2 Bonus Cards
  • 18 Number Tokens
  • 2 Dice
  • 1 Robber Pawn
  • 1 Rulebook

Settlers of Catan requires a reasonable amount of flat surface to play on – a dining table would be perfect. Games can last for as little as 45 minutes, or go on for several hours, and are best suited to groups of 3-4 players. At first, this game seems a little complex, but with a bit of practice anyone aged 10 to adult can play.

This game has excellent replay value due to its variable nature, but should you wish to go more in-depth, expansion packs are available. These packs allow you to add more players, or explore new aspects such as different types of character.

Settlers Of Catan Review Conclusion

A very involving game that requires thought and strategic manoeuvring, Settlers of Catan is perfect for people who enjoy games such as Risk or Carcassone. It would be great as a change for a group of people who normally play online games, but is also suitable for a family evening.

Game RRP (£) Rating
Settlers Of Catan Board Game Review Settlers of Catan 25.99 4.8